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Silver, Nature's Miracle Element

Our savvy spray helps treat a wide range of skin concerns such as breakouts, insect bites, irritated and hormonal skin, warts and signs of ageing. Also great for minor burns and diaper rash.



Discover the power of Miracle Silver

1. Acne & Scarring
Give problem skin the special attention it deserves by using Miracle Silver’s Colloidal Silver Spray for acne. Our innovative technologies will transform your skin by eradicating built-up harmful bacteria while ensuring optimum skin sanitation and enhanced natural healing. Using Colloidal Silver Spray for acne is an effective all-natural acne solution.

2. Healing of Skin
Science and Nature work hand-in-hand to exude health and vitality with our high-performance Colloidal Silver Spray. Soothing, nurturing and nourishing – natural silver’s dynamic properties rejuvenate and support your skin throughout the body’s natural healing process.

3. Anti-ageing
Miracle Silver Colloidal Silver Spray uses highly-developed formulations to replenish the complexion, promoting a naturally refined appearance and improved skin elasticity. By using our Colloidal Silver Spray, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced, leaving you with a youthful glow. So whether you choose to use our Colloidal Silver Spray as a stand-alone luxury for your skin or as an addition to your skincare regime, the remarkable results will be seen without counteracting the benefits of any other skincare products.

4. Boosts Immune System
Harnessing a powerful blend of natural ingredients and ground-breaking technologies, our Colloidal Silver Spray’s potency is highly effective in killing harmful microbes and promotes overall health benefits to allow our body to work harmoniously in defending us against foreign invaders.

5. 100% Natural
In line with our company values Miracle Silver foregoes the use of any parabens, sulfates, harmful additives or hormones and our Colloidal Silver Spray is 100% vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free & non-GMO.

Why Choose Miracle Silver


Can be used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes

100% Vegan

Promotes healing of skin

100% Natural

Suitable for all skin-types

Miracle Silver’s Colloidal Spray is: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral & anti-fungal, resulting in exceptionally enhanced healing properties

The human body generally has a limited ability to heal itself with the help of its own stem cells in producing new tissue by dividing up existing tissue. The more severe the wound, the less the body may be able to heal independently. The body will naturally reproduce stem cells regardless of their quality, so the deformed cells which survived will produce a scar tissue as they will have the same properties as the cells which they stemmed from. Meaning the wound heals from the outside in. This defective tissue will most likely produce a permanent scar.

Miracle Silver believes in partnering Science with Nature to give your skin the attention it deserves and for you to experience the benefits of rejuvenated and revitalized skin that’s always at peak performance. In the presence of colloidal silver, the body can produce its own stem cells upon being injured and make them available to heal from the inside out. This eliminates the body’s reproduction of scar tissue and leaves your skin feeling brand new.

We famously combine our all natural high-performance formulations, developed using ground-breaking science and technologies, with our relentless commitment to scientific innovation to deliver truly revolutionary products.

Our Colloidal Silver Spray has been created using only high-quality ingredients and consequently contains the highest potency of natural silver on the market today.

Miracle Silver Colloidal Silver

At Miracle Silver, we hold an unwavering commitment to scientific innovation. This combined with our all natural high-performance formulations, developed using ground-breaking science and technologies, provides you with the highest potency of natural silver on the market today. Suitable for all skin-types and a range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes, we ensure to deliver versatile skincare of the highest quality that offers truly remarkable results.

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“Upon purchasing this I was a little skeptical about its effectiveness. I had read about colloidal silver online and its amazing benefits. I didn't really see any results the first two days and after 3-4 days there was a visible difference in the overall health of my skin. It was gentler and less oily. I will be buying this product again.”